Sunday, February 21, 2010

Museum Trips

We recently took a couple of trips to nearby museums. The kids really enjoyed themselves and it helped make a couple of cold winter days quickly go by. Here are a just a few photos of the many exhibits we enjoyed.

This contraption apparently measures brain activity but we think it wasn't working as the same side always had more brain activity.

Mike and I did our own little experiment in the light room. If you stand still for several seconds in front of a special light then your shadow will stay on the wall.

Enjoying the 150 year old carousel at the New York State Museum.

Abby enjoying the bird exhibit.

This was my favorite 'New York in Bloom' Exhibit

Alex's favorite...the mastodon skeleton.

Our kids were very concerned about how they got the mammoth into the exhibit.

Uh-oh...Abby already likes shiny rocks:)

This sums up what Anne thinks about experiencing the museum in a stroller.

Mike and the kids.


Em said...

How fun! I bet your kids love that! I can't believe how grown up they all look. :)

Becky Butcher said...

Love to see these pictures as life goes on. Thanks for sharing. Love and miss you all.

The Campbell Clan said...

Love the pictures of your family! They are so cute! Looks like some great exhibits to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Hey Mike.... can't find your email so this will have to work.... are you planning on coming in to the class reunion??? We are just kinda taking an inventory of who is planning on going... can't believe it has been 20 YEARS!!!!!